The A to S of Aerobics: All You Need To Know

Your Guide to Aerobics:

What are aerobic exercises? To put it quite simply, aerobic exercises target your cardiovascular system. This means that these exercises cause an increase in your heart rate and cause you to sweat profusely and breathe harder and faster. It’s good to get in some aerobic exercises in your workout routine because it keeps your heart healthy and is beneficial for your overall circulatory system as well as your lungs. If you’re wondering how much time you should devote to aerobics, well, it’s advised to do around 150 minutes of aerobic exercises every week. That boils down to around 30 minutes in 5 days. Not that difficult is it?

The most common types of Aerobics:

The most popular kind of aerobic exercises involves walking, jogging, running, cycling and swimming. They are excellent for getting your heart rate up and if you keep up your aerobics for a couple of months, there’s no reason you won’t be hitting your weight loss goals. Especially since studies have found that while during aerobics, there are distinct possibilities that your body burns fat directly instead of just glycogen that is broken down from carbs.

But what if you can’t go outside?

So, if you haven’t started working out, begin with some of these exercises to feel healthier and happier. Now, if you have a constraint of not being able to go outside for a walk or a jog and unwilling to invest in a gym membership, have no fear. All hope is not lost for you. Here are some aerobic exercises you could try at home. A combination of these following exercises will make for a good start to your day, sweating it out and getting your heart rate up and ultimately aiding you in your weight loss.



Burpees are an excellent exercise to rev your heart up. In addition to that, it targets your chest, quads, triceps, delt and your hamstrings. Kind of an all in one isn’t it? So what you have to do is stand straight and put your hands over your body. Jump up in the air once, then do a squat. After that, crouch down like a frog. Once in that position, you have to push your legs out from underneath you and go into a plank position. After that, you go back to the squat and then your frog crouch and jump up again. Click here: For a video guide to doing the perfect Burpee!


jumping jack

This one is an easy one and chances are you are already familiar with it. So what you have to do it stick your hands out on either side, almost like you’re trying to make a snow angel, and jump by moving your feet to the side, along with your arms, raising it above your head and below your waist, in coordination. It’s almost like making a snow angel in the air. Click here: For a video guide on how to do a jumping jack.


Even if you don’t want to go out-out, the stairs of your building are still within the confines of a roof. So all you have to do is to climb up and down a couple of flight of stairs for around 15 minutes and you’re done, you’ve started the day off on a high note, getting that heart pumping and also working out your calves.


high knee aerobics

This one is as easy as it sounds. All you have to do it stand in one place and jog, but raise your knees to your chest level. So you stand in the same spot but you’re having a wider range of movement on the leg, targetting your quads and glutes. You’ll break a sweat one minute into it!


butt kicks aerobics

So, this one is kind of the opposite of the previous exercise. In this one, you have to make sure that when you are jogging on spot, your heels should be touching your butt. The proper stance is to keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Once you’re ready, start kicking your butt!


flutter kicks

In this exercise, you don’t even have to stand up. That’s half the battle won right? So, you have to lie flat on your back. You can put your arms under your body so that you have some support. Lift your legs at right angles with your body, and just kick your legs up and down in the air. You can tailor the intensity of your exercise according to your capabilities. Click here: For a tutorial on how to do higher intensity flutter kicks!

These at-home aerobics exercises could be your first step to getting on the weight loss train, all this from the comfort of your home. So, start off your morning routine with these aerobic exercises to get your heart rate up and start burning those calories!

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