Four Ways To Make Your Boring College Outfit Stand Out

Unhappy With Your Wardrobe? Here Are Four Ways To Make Your Boring College Outfit Stand Out!

It’s finally time to abandon that unflattering uniform and don clothes that accentuate your figure. But, that happiness is momentary because you find out that even your college has a dress code. You’re quite upset because you wanted to wear that fashionable college outfit that would have drawn everyone’s admiration. Have no fear, because you can still wear that fashionable college outfit, albeit with a few tweaks. Here are Four ways to make your boring college outfit stand out:


palazzo colorful college outfit

Switch out your boring leggings and tights for a colourful palazzo, like Sejal has here. They are breezy and easy to wear, kind to your legs in the summer and overall an excellent fashionable choice. You could wear it with a kurta or a top. A plain black t-shirt with printed palazzos will let you stand out in the crowd and turn heads whether you’re in the college canteen or in the class. Pair them with some traditional Indian ear-rings or hoops and you’re ready to go!


knotted t shirt fashionable college outfit

Now you have that boring old tee that you love but that makes you look shapeless. And you really want to wear it but can’t figure out how. Well, the answer is pretty easy. Just tie a knot! It’ll accentuate your figure and allow you to put on just any over-sized t-shirt. If the knot is too extreme, you can always tuck in the t-shirt in the manner you wish. Pair that with some jeans, a sporty shoe and hoops. You can never go wrong with hoops.


scarf t shirt jeans fashion accessory

The drabbest outfits can be transformed just by virtue of an accessory. It could be anything: a scarf, choker, bracelet, the right bag, even some funky shoes. It will vamp up your outfit and you’ll earn a fair few points on the fashionable scale!


kimono four ways to make your boring college outfit stand out

There are so many things you can do with a solid coloured t-shirt and jeans. One of the popular trends is layering the t-shirt or tank top with a kimono. Now, this kimono could be printed or solid coloured, short or long. It doesn’t really matter. It’s an extra oomph factor that will make you look effortlessly stylish.

These four ways to make your boring college outfit stand out will surely give you ideas on how best to style your existing wardrobe. So try some of these ideas and see if you don’t make heads turn when you walk into class.

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