How Elon Musk Is Changing The Future In Front Of Our Eyes?

Elon Musk Is Changing The Future With His Quirky Ideas and Sound Investments:

Who is Elon Musk? You would probably know him as the CEO of Tesla. He even founded the company that became PayPal. But, Musk has achieved so much more. He’s a sound businessman, an engineer, and a clever investor; Elon Musk is changing the future. To put things into perspective, he was ranked 21st in the Forbes list of the The World’s Most Powerful People. So what has Elon Musk’s been up to? Well, quite a fair bit actually:


elon musk is changing the future

Hyperloop is a travel concept that is Musk’s brainchild. Basically, it will transport passengers and/or freight at a speed of 1220 km/h using Solar Energy. To put this information in perspective, bullet trains have a speed of 320 km/h. And the fastest a bullet train has travelled is 603 km/h. So, Musk is, in fact, doubling the speed. If this isn’t changing the future, then what is?

2. SpaceX


He founded SpaceX in 2002, He worked tirelessly for 10 years, constructing reusable rockets, till, in 2012, he shifted his sights to NASA. His company became the first commercial carrier to deliver a payload to the International Space Station. He even claimed that he would send people to the Moon as well as Mars. It seems far-fetched, but if a man could achieve this, it would be him. Elon Musk is changing the future.



Tesla was not of Musk’s own creation. It was founded two years before Elon came on board. However, it is this man that changed the face of Tesla; making it one of the renowned car makers as well as lithium-ion producer the world has seen till date. Thanks to Musk, the old internal combustion engine is losing on its popularity.


solar city

This man is environment-friendly too! In order to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, he wants to use solar energy to power the commercial electric grids. This reduces costs, as well as ensures that all of us lead a much more eco-friendly life. He’s essentially using the same lithium-ion batteries used to power the Tesla car for this very purpose.



This might be the most bizarre of his innovative ideas. The premise is that Musk wants to create a direct connection between the brain and electronic devices around it by using cybernetic implants. This innovation stems from the desire to control A.I., the fears being that someday A.I. could take over and turn against its own creators, much like in the Terminator movies.

After reading all this, do you have any doubts that Elon Musk is attempting to change life as we know it? He is a man who has big ideas, and the means to fulfil them. He constantly amazes the world with his bizarre innovations but his relative success has forced us to take him seriously and look up to him. Elon Musk is changing the future.

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