Why It’s Important For You To Get A Good Night’s Sleep!

A Good Night’s Sleep Could Make All The Difference!

You know when you were little and your mom put you to bed and you slept a solid eight hours? That Good Night’s Sleep made you feel all fresh and happy all the day, didn’t it? Turns out you’d have a much healthier life if your mom could put you to bed every night because she would do so at a reasonable hour. The temptation to watch Netflix till 4 am in the morning is almost irresistible. And you could sleep like a horse after that and wake up at 3 pm. But you’ll never feel as energized as you would have if you had slept by, say 11 pm. So how could a good night’s sleep change your life?


weight loss and good night's sleep

There have been conclusive studies that show that a poor night’s sleep will cause you to gain weight. Yep. You heard that right. If you’re not getting a good night’s sleep, you’re bound to become fat. So, if weight loss is one of your objectives, ensure that you sleep at the right time and for the requisite hours.


memory enhancement good night's sleep

Again, there have been studies that show that you learn better when you sleep. for instance, if you’re trying out something new, like a new language, you could practice all day. But it’s when you sleep that some magic happens and you actually strengthen those skills that you had been practising all day.


appetite control

It’s true. If you sleep less, you tend to be hungrier. Your appetite increases because of the production of an appetite-stimulating hormone called, ghrelin. And your body produces less leptin, which is an appetite-curbing hormone. Looks like weight loss and a good night’s sleep are pretty well connected, huh?


good night's sleep

There have been studies linking a good night’s sleep to lower stress levels. That way, you have better control over blood pressure as well. So it’s important for your health to sleep soundly.



If you’re an Athlete, you definitely need a good night’s sleep. Studies have shown that a proper sleep schedule shows greater accuracy and improved speed among athletes.


grade improvement

If you want to do well in College or School, it’s recommended that you sleep well. Sure, you need to bust out an all-nighter to finish that paper, but if you make this a habit, you will notice that your grades are steadily falling.


depression good night's sleep

People who don’t get a good night’s sleep are more likely to suffer from depression and are at greater risk for suicide than those who do sleep well at night.

As you can see, the importance of a good night’s sleep cannot be overstated. It’s crucial both to your mental health as well as your physical well being. So, resist the temptation to Netflix all night. Turn in a bit early. That Binge watch can wait.


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