Indian YouTubers You should be watching right now!

Indian Youtubers You Should Be Watching

The Indian YouTube scene has exploded in the digital space. We are constantly seeing a wave of content creators who are entertaining the masses with their videos. So who are some Indian YouTubers you should be watching?

1. BB Ki Vines

indian youtubers you should be watching

Bhuvan Bam is an Indian Comic who became a viral sensation on Facebook in 2015. He uploaded a video in which he mimicked an insensitive reporter who asked unacceptable questions to a lady who lost her son in the Kashmir floods. The video got 15000 views. After that one of his videos went viral in Pakistan. And since then he started his YouTube channel.

It’s a channel directed at the urban youth. He produces extremely humorous content that resonates with his audience. His personality and his great humour are his selling points. He presently has over 10 million subscribers. And an added bonus is that he sings as well!

Click here: To check out Bhuvan Bam’s channel.

2. MostlySane


Prajakta Koli is a bubbly woman in her early twenties. Her style is akin to that of Superwoman who makes comic sketches. Koli’s sketches are especially relatable in the Indian Context and are filled with laugh out loud moments. She also does Sawal Saturday and Real Talk Tuesday to stay uber-connected to her followers. She presently has 2.4 million subscribers on her youtube channel.

Click Here: To check out MostlySane’s channel.

3. Tanmay Bhat

tanmay bhat

We all know who Tanmay Bhat is. If you don’t know who he is then you have been living under a rock. He is a must-have in a list of Indian youtubers you should be watching. He is part of the famous comedy group AIB, who have produced some of the greatest content we have seen in recent times with regard to the Indian context. Tanmay’s humour is well known and his celebrity status along with Rohan Joshi’s is unquestionable.

Click Here: To view the content made by AIB.

4. Shreya Jain

shreya jain

Beauty followers everywhere, your destination is here. Shreya Jain is the quintessential Beauty vlogger who fulfils all your need in the realm of makeup and cosmetics. If you have wondered what a product will be like, have no fear because Shreya will be there. So, if you need makeup related advice, this is the place to be.

Click Here: To check out Shreya’s channel.

5. Komal Pandey


Komal left PopXo to pursue her own YouTube Channel. And fans couldn’t have been happier. Her quirky take on fashion trends is looked up to by girls and women who aspire to be her. She is the woman to follow if you want to know what to wear and what not to put in your closet. For all fashion related advice, look no further than Komal Pandey.

Click Here: To check out Komal’s channel.

Let’s hope that this list of Indian Youtubers you should be watching has exposed you to some new kind of content and you have some different kind of videos to watch in your downtime!

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