Keto Diet: What You Need to Know Before Following the Trend

What is the Keto Diet? Should you be following it?

In its bare essentials. a Ketogenic Diet, popularly known as the Keto Diet is a new trend that has emerged wherein the body burns fat instead of carbs to help you lose weight faster. How is this achieved? Well, the diet requires you to take carbs out of your diet. In fact, you are allowed a maximum 50 grams of carbs a day. It’s a high fat-high protein and low carb diet. So, what happens is that once the body starts looking for something other than carbs to get energy, that is, it targets your fat, then you start producing ketones. These ketones help to increase your energy metabolism.

In order to maintain this state of ketosis, your body needs to burn fat, not carbs. And this burning of fat will help you lose weight pretty quickly. But there are a couple of things you should know before taking on the ketogenic diet.


You don’t take up the ketogenic diet on a whim. A lot of people think of the ketogenic diet as a lifestyle. You’re causing a major change in your body by forcing it to burn fat instead of carbs. You’re causing a serious upheaval of your metabolism so messing about with it if you can’t stick to the requirements of the diet won’t bode well for your body. And you might actually end up gaining weight instead of losing it.


You know if someone obese hits the gym, they lost a lot of their weight quickly? And if you are moderately fat, you find yourself stuck in the same place as day 1? Well, the Keto Diet works like that too. People who have a lot of weight to lose, lose the first couple of pounds quickly. But a healthy weight loss process always takes time and patience. So, if you don’t see any immediate effect, don’t be disheartened. It will take a while.


keto diet healthy high fat foods

Now, just because you’ve got a free pass to eat fatty foods, it doesn’t mean it’s open season on junk food. You have to eat foods that are good for you and rich in nutrients. Almonds, nuts, eggs, avocados and occasionally, dark chocolate.


You might find yourself becoming a little weak at the beginning of your Keto Diet, especially your strength and endurance. That’s normal. It’s because your body is alien to the concept of burning fats instead of carbs. It’ll take some time for you to get used to the diet. Once you do, you might find yourself doing better in your workout!


Although the standard division is 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbs, you can change it up slightly to make sure your body goes into ketosis. Everyone’s body is different so you have to alter your carb intake to what works for you. It could be trial and error for a while, but you will figure it out.

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