Home Remedies For Acne Will Work Wonders For Your Skin!

Tired of Your Breakouts? Here are some tried and tested Home Remedies for Acne!

All of us have been plagued with acne at least once in our lives. Some of us more unfortunate ones have to suffer long periods of red, blotchy and bumpy skin. Over the counter medicines aren’t working and you don’t have bucketloads of money to go for an expensive treatment. You’re in luck because here are some home remedies for acne that might just save you that trip to the doctors’!


honey home remedies for acne


Not only is it a great alternative to sugar but it is excellent for your skin as well. Honey has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that help in killing the bacteria in your skin and also soothe those irritated bumps. And in case you have scars on your face from that meddlesome acne, honey helps in reducing them too! So go to your nearest store and buy some organic honey to put on your face for natural, glowing skin.


turmeric and honey

Turmeric is an essential spice in most Indian dishes. But Turmeric can also be an excellent remedy for that acne that’s been bothering you. It is rich in anti-oxidants and helps in reducing inflammation on your skin. A honey and turmeric mask would be quite the formidable enemy for your acne. So, get that organic Turmeric and create the weapon to cause the mass destruction of acne!


aloe vera

Aloe-vera is quite possibly the best natural remedy for acne. It’s cool and soothing It’s anti-bacterial properties prevent the acne from spreading. It reduces that inflammation and that redness and lets your skin heal naturally. Remember, natural aloe vera, directly from the plant is always better than aloe vera products that you can get in the market.


apple cider vinegar for acne scars

Apple Cider Vinegar is an excellent way to cure your acne problem. All that excess sebum and dirt are removed by this miracle acne worker. It also works to kill all that bacteria to give you a blemish free face. It’s also an excellent toner that removes all your dead skin cells. If you haven’t been using it, it’s time to incorporate it into your skin care regimen.


green tea for face

If you aren’t a green tea person, you should consider becoming one. Not only is green tea good for your health, but the tea bags itself work wonders for your skin by reducing inflammation and fighting bacteria. All the antioxidants, flavonoids and tannins help in keeping your skin brighter and reducing those ugly red spots.



Lemons are cheap, easily available in the market and can be an excellent way to remove the acne scars that you hate so much. Like all the above, lemon kills the bacteria and reduces that redness and swelling on your face. So if you’re looking for a quick fix, go get that lemon. But use it carefully. Follow this regimen for optimum utilization of lemon.

These home remedies for acne have been used by people around the world and have shown good results for that annoying acne. You can also mix some of these ingredients like honey and turmeric or honey and lemon to make a face mask. So try these out and see if you don’t find some great changes in your skin!

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  • July 10, 2018 at 7:22 am

    These remedies are very effective for getting rid of acne. I use apple cider vinegar for treating my acne and it worked great for me. My skin looks clear and healthy now. Thanks for sharing.


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