Why You Should Avoid Sugar For a Healthy Body

Sugar Overdose: Why You Should Avoid Sugar For a Healthy Body

Now we all love sugar. There’s no doubt about it. It’ s an important ingredient in all types of cuisines and the right quantity of sugar can make or break a dessert. But is it really a healthy option? You know the answer to that questions. Here’s why you should avoid sugar for a healthy body:

1. It adds on the pounds

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The most important reason you should exclude sugar from your diet is that it causes weight gain. So you need to let go of those sugary drinks that you like because they’re not doing anything to help you attain that healthy body. The fructose in these drinks cause you to become hungrier and therefore make you eat more and more. It’s time to say goodbye to sugar-loaded stuff.

2.Hello Acne!

Now you’ve been plying your face with expensive facemasks and have developed a stringent skin care routine. However, the breakouts keep happening. Ever wonder why? Here’s the answer, processed and sugary foods cause your insulin and blood sugar levels to spike up. This, in turn, causes inflammation and excess oil secretion.

3. Energy Drain

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the term sugar rush. A lot of people think that they need that extra sugar to pull them through. That’s actually a pretty dangerous game you’re playing. The fact is, that you do get that energy boost, but like fate, it is a fickle mistress and it will leave you soon and you’ll find yourself drained out again. It is much more preferable to eat some carbs and protein for longer sustaining energy.

4. Date with Diabetes

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The connection is quite easy to make. A sugar overdose over a couple of years leads to obesity. And obesity has been linked to diabetes by many studies. Your daily dose of sugar could even cause your body to develop a resistance to insulin. And insulin is necessary to regulate blood sugar levels. If your insulin production fails you, then you’ve earned a permanent relationship with diabetes. This is one of the main reasons why you should avoid sugar for a healthy body. There are some natural remedies for diabetes.

5. Liver Fat

Your physical body isn’t the only one gaining fat. It’s spread to your liver too! Now the unique thing about the liver is that it’s the only organ capable of breaking down fructose. Now if you maintain a steady intake of sugar, there’s only so much fructose your poor liver can store as glycogen. Thereafter, all that sugar turns to fat. And then you have a whole new problem in hand, liver disease. So you may be abstaining from alcohol, but if you keep up with all that sugar, you’re still going to get that disease. Find out more about the fatty liver disease here.

Sugar could be your worse enemy, not just for weight loss purposes but also for your health. An excess quantity of sugar could affect you adversely and hopefully, you’ve received the answer to your question, Why you should avoid sugar for a healthy bod!

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