Beginner Exercises For Fat Loss


The main benefits of working out are to burn that stubborn fat, build muscles and increase your metabolism. You don’t even need to go to the gym to start working out. All you need is to step out of your comfort zone and start doing stuff be it even just for 30 mins a day. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so if you want that aesthetic body all you need is to start from scratch with consistency and sheer willpower in mind. We have listed some most basic Beginner Exercises for Fat Loss. So these 5 Beginner Exercises for Fat Loss are:


Beginner Exercises

You guys must be aware of this most common bodyweight exercise known as pushups. For excelling your workout regime, it is very important to master this utmost important exercise but as a beginner, it isn’t that easy to do full pushups so you can always start with half pushups in which you need to bend your knees on the floor and push only the weight of the upper half of your body up.


Beginner Exercises

Doing pull-ups straight away isn’t a child’s game and a perfect pull-up set requires a lot of practice. So to improve your pull-up game you can always start with negative pull-ups first where you jump and using the momentum go up and then slowly come down. Practicing Negative pull-ups will initially help you master the full pull-ups.

3) Chair Squats

Beginner Exercises

Squats is one of the major exercises when it comes to building muscles. Many people squat incorrectly so our 1st advice is to focus on the movement. Now for the first time squatters, we recommend keeping a low height chair at the back and squat till you sit on the chair. Slowly and gradually after consistent practice, you will be easily able to do full squats and may also go to the advanced stage of weighted squats soon.


Beginner Exercises

Plank is a really crucial exercise for strengthening your core muscles and to make your arms and shoulder area stronger. Movement of this exercise should be correct otherwise it can harm your lower back.


Beginner Exercises

Remember this cardio exercise from our childhood that we used to do in a fun way? This jump done from a standing position with the arms and legs moving to and fro outwards and inwards engage and works your whole body out and improves your stamina and stability.

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