Books by Indian Authors that You Should Read!

Books by Indian Authors that will make you want to read more of Indian Literature!

Now, when it comes to fiction, books by Indian authors don’t usually make it to the top of your list. And, No, Chetan Bhagat’s novels don’t count as literature. They’re more of popular fiction, that really shouldn’t be popular at all. There are enough Indian authors out there of a strong caliber that could very well compete with your Dickens and Jeffrey Archer. Indian Authors have a beautiful writing style that envelops you in the pages of the book the moment you start reading. It’s eloquent and elegant at the same time. Some of the books really are works of art. And so, here it goes, Books By Indian Authors that you need on your List:


palace of illusions books by indian authors

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s Book is a retelling of the Mahabharata from a woman’s point of view; specifically, Draupadi’s. It describes all the events of this grand epic, the way she sees it, as her being an essential part of the drama. Her plight and her strengths are highlighted in exquisite detail and you cannot put the book down until you finish it. Her relationships with the Five Pandavas and her position as the epicentre of the battle between the Pandavas and Kauravas will leave you shaken and with a whole new perspective. You need to read this book, as a Feminist, and as a Human Being in general.

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the inheritance of loss

Kiran Desai’s novel is an uncomfortable truth teller. It describes the American Dream. And how it’s an illusion. Kind of like The Great Gatsby, but from an immigrant’s perspective. In an era where most of us leave our Homeland for the Americas where we can seemingly achieve anything, this novel is a Reality Check. About what can actually happen. The characters in the novel are all people you know or acquainted with. The Riots in the name of Religion, are all events that we are familiar with. The intolerance that we possess towards each other and the common swindling of decent men are all truths of our society. The pall has been taken off and honestly, the book could not have been titled in a more appropriate manner.

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the hungry tide

This one’s for all you Romance lovers out there. The Hungry Tide is set in the Sunderbans; inaccessible to most of the general populace, but the home to some of the tribes who live and breathe the forest. It’s a story about how a modern girl falls in love with a village boy and all the drama in between. The story will move you and you’ll be turning each page with feverish anticipation. The plotline is more complex, but in the interest of not revealing everything, that’s all you’re going to get.

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midnight's children

Salman Rushdie’s language is a bit convoluted. By that, I mean that you know that this is written by an intelligent man for an intelligent audience. You might find it a bit difficult to read it in the beginning but the style will grow on you. It’s a novel in the genre of magical realism, for all you literature students. To simplify it for those of us who haven’t studied literature, it’s a novel that is grounded in reality depicting true events but tinged with a hint of magic; not making it unbelievable but giving it that enchanting quality. It’s based around the time of the Partition and the coming of age of one special boy, Saleem Sinai, born at midnight on August 15, 1947. His story is akin to India’s birth as an independent nation and the trials and tribulations it suffered from. It’s also a particularly scathing attack on Indira Gandhi’s Declaration of Emergency. But I’ve already said too much. You need to read it for yourself.

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god of small things

If you haven’t already read it, you are missing out on so much. It’s an absolutely beautiful book. Set in Kerala, it describes the struggles of a typical South Indian Family; eloping, divorce, domestic violence, child molestation. an inter-caste affair and the terrible consequences. It seems fantastical that a book incorporates so much into its pages, but Arundhati Roy weaves magic with her web of words. Some situations seem far removed from our Indian Culture, but are in fact embedded in the very grain of our society. You need to read this to open your eyes to the reality of the India that we live in. This is one of the most important books by Indian authors that you should read.

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These books by Indian Authors are just the start of your journey into Indian Literature.

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