5 Date Night Outfits to Look Gorgeous on that Perfect Evening!

Is Date Night Here Already? Here Are 5 Date Night Outfits To Look Gorgeous On That Perfect Evening!

It’s been a while since you’ve been on a date. Whether it’s your first date or your twentieth, you want to look pretty and be all dolled up for that perfect evening. But when open your closet, you find yourself in the same problem. What to wear? Don’t fret! Here are 5 date night outfits you can wear to look gorgeous on that perfect evening!


date night dress

Everyone has dresses in their wardrobe that are somehow always discarded in favour of that comfortable pair of jeans. Well, it’s time for your jeans to take a break. Get that dress out, iron out the wrinkles and put it on to look fabulous for your date. Paid it with a statement neckpiece or ear-rings and with some nice shoes. Put some effort into your hair and makeup and you are ready to roll.


date night blazer

Your man just called and said, ‘Hey, I’m picking you up at eight for date night!’ you’re in a fix because you haven’t left work and you have no time to don special clothes. That’s okay. Just get your hands on a blazer or a jacket and you’re ready to go. If you’ve had your hair up, let it down and put on a bright smile to let your man blow you away. You’ll be surprised at what a casual blazer will do to your boring outfit!


5 date night outfits to look gorgeous on that perfect evening

Sometimes you don’t feel like going overboard with the dolling up for a date. That’s okay. Just don those old jeans, basic shoes and barely there makeup. But along with it, just put on a statement top and you are ready to rumble. You get points for not putting any effort but looking like you have! 😉


heels and t shirt

There’s no outfit that doesn’t look dressy with heels. Tie your over-sized graphic Tee in a knot, roll up your jeans, grab your favorite backpack and put on those heels. They will add that extra element of glamour to an otherwise boring outfit and also accentuate your derriere. It’s one of the simplest but coolest date night outfits you could choose from.


komal pandey indian

If you’re more of an Indian wardrobe girl, you need to accessorize right. Wear those big jhumkas with any kurti of your choice and a colorful sandal and you are ready to go. You could also wear a tank top with a colorful bottom and still look elegant and date-ready! Komal’s outfit should be giving you ideas and to emulate her, check out her YouTube channel and Instagram page!

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