Exercising During Your Period: The Why and the How!

Why Exercising During Your Period might actually help you feel better!

Aunt Flo is not the kindest of Aunts. In fact, most women hate her monthly visits. When she come knocking all we want to do is cower and hide from her. We want to roll ourselves into a tiny ball until the pain goes away. That might not be the best way to combat those killer cramps. Exercising during your period gives you some respite from her painful visits. How? Well firstly, exercising releases endorphins in your brain that makes you feel so much better. Secondly exercising during your period is a natural stress reliever and also helps out with your blood circulation. Right when you feel like not moving at all is when you should move. It combats those black moods like no chocolate ice cream can! So, what exercises can you do? Here’s the list:


exercising during your period

You don’t have to do anything extreme to exercise. Just a half hour’s brisk walk is enough to give rise to some endorphins and make you feel better. Those cramps that have been killing you will abate a little bit and you’ll find yourself a little more cheerful than you were thirty minutes ago.


running during period

If you’ve hit day two or three and you are feeling much better than you were on day one, you might consider going for a run. You don’t have to do anything extreme. Just jog along, break into a run and stop when you get tired. Keep sipping on some water and monitor yourself. Don’t push too hard.


yoga during period

If walking and running seem impossible, then you can always do some good old Yoga. Yoga helps in improving your blood circulation and that’s always good for the body, especially during your period. Deep breathing and meditation help you relax and stay calm. Here’s a 30 minute Yoga Tutorial you could follow while on your period.


dancing during your period

If you’re more of a dancing diva, then go for it. Dancing with your favourite music will help improve your mood as well as burn the calories. It’s a win-win situation! So blast your music system and start having some fun. You could do this at home or even in a class. It’s your choice. Just have to get your body grooving! 😉


swimming during period

You read that right. Swimming during your period can actually be relaxing for the body. It helps increase your blood circulation and this reduces the pain from the cramps. You can also regulate the intensity with which you swim so as to establish a pace comfortable for your body.

If you’re wondering how you could go for a swim, the most obvious solution would be to wear a tampon. Since the tampon soaks the blood while still inside your body, there is no danger of any leakage. You could also use menstrual cups which are preferable to tampons because they are more comfortable to swim in. Additionally, they don’t soak up any water and you can leave it on for twelve hours. But make sure you are familiar with how it works before you take the plunge into the pool.

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