The Health Risks of Vaping and E-Cigarettes

Are there any Health Risks of Vaping and Smoking E-Cigarettes?

We all know that smoking causes cancer. The health advisory warnings on every television show and movie have imprinted the message into our brains. But what is it in particular that causes such harm to your body? Nicotine is the substance that causes your addiction to cigarettes. But it is not the only culprit to your smoking addiction. The combustion of the various harmful chemicals found in tobacco is what causes the numerous health risks associated with smoking. Now, if you want to quit smoking, vaping or smoking e-cigarettes may seem like a viable option. While vaping is certainly more conducive to your health than cigarettes, there are in fact numerous health risks of vaping as well.

What is Vaping?

health risks of vaping

The word vaping as you can understand has a close correlation to vapour. It basically involves inhaling the vapours that are produced by burning water laced with nicotine, marijuana and other chemicals. It’s been a technique that has been around since the 1960’s but gained popularity only in the last decade or so. Health experts had initially seized upon it as a viable alternative to smoking. However, more research has concluded that vaping is not entirely devoid of health risks.

1.Weakened Immunity System

Studies have found that both smoking and vaping have resulted in a determined decline in the body’s ability to protect itself against diseases. This means that the body is unable to fight off infections as effectively as a healthy person who does not smoke. In fact, researchers at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, saw that vapers showed a decreased activity in around three hundred more genes than the regular smokers.

2.Dangers of Using a Lithium-Ion Powered E-Cigarette

Some people using e-cigarettes powered by lithium-ion powered batteries found their device bursting and causing grievous bodily harm. This occurred due to overheating of the product on the consumer’s part. So if you’re not careful with the amount you smoke, you could end up with third-degree burns apart from the numerous internal health risks caused by vaping.

3. Chronic Bronchitis

Inhaling pollutants causes lung irritation. If this is done in the form of smoking regularly, it causes a permanent discomfort to your lings and results in coughing. A steady inhalation of such particles can cause bronchitis which causes the walls of your airways to become inflamed. When the symptoms of bronchitis don’t go away, its called chronic bronchitis, otherwise known as smoker’s cough. Because Vaping involves the inhalation of pollutants, it can very well be the cause of chronic bronchitis.

4. The Popcorn Lung

popcorn lung

E-cigarettes contain various flavouring substances to attract younger smokers. These flavourings contain harmful chemicals like 2,3-pentanedione and diacetyl, are instrumental in destroying tiny air passages in the lungs. This causes a buildup of scar tissue in these organs and results in the phenomenon of ‘popcorn lungs’. The medical term for this condition is ‘bronchiolitis obliterans’. Find out more about it here.

5. The Presence of Nicotine

Even though e-cigarettes are sold with the label that some are nicotine free, the reality is that most of them contain traceable amounts of nicotine. As stated previously, nicotine is extremely addictive and it is toxic to developing fetuses and can hinder the brain development of teenagers as old as twenty years old.

6. Metal in the Smoke

An independent study claims that after analyzing the smoke that is ingested during vaping, they found the presence of metals like silicate, chromium, aluminium and nickel. These tiny particles have the capacity to penetrated deep within the respiratory system and hinder the proper functioning of the lungs. They have also been linked to the development of cancer and abnormal growth of cells.

7. Formaldehyde Ingestion


Formaldehyde is also known as the embalming fluid; that is the fluid used to preserve dead bodies. Studies have found that inhaling the vapour from e-cigarettes causes the body to ingest formaldehyde which has been linked to causes of cancer. The health risks of vaping are thus, extraordinarily similar to the risks of smoking.

As can be seen, the harmful effects of smoking are almost akin to that of vaping. It is no healthy alternative and it would be conducive to one’s health to abandon smoking in all its forms altogether. However, for heavy smokers, perhaps switching to vaping is a more tenable option. And therefore, stopping it altogether would be the best for their health. Needless to say, the health risks of vaping are dire.

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