7 Ways To Increase Your Instagram Following!

Here’s How You Can Have a Larger Instagram Following!

Instagram has no rival when it comes to Marketing a product. It’s easily accessible, and it’s easy to use. All you have to do is post a picture, write a caption about it and you’re done. And if you’re a viewer, you can scroll endlessly through travel pages, or if you’re like most of us, terribly funny memes. But if you’re serious about Instagram and you find yourself wanting to build something on it, then how do you increase your Instagram Following? You’ve been posting regularly but to no avail. Don’t worry, here are some tips to help you get that Instagram Following that you desire:

1.Instagram Aesthetic

instagram aesthetic

What does that even mean? In layman’s terms, it means you should have a theme running for your Instagram. What is it that you’re trying to show the world? Food, flowers, Travel, in general photography, room decor? What is it that you want people to see when they look at your Instagram? It’s like laying the foundation for your page. Once you’ve fixed upon one idea, you can slowly build on it.

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2. Promote Your Hashtag

instagram hashtags

We all know that hashtagging is a very Instagram Phenomenon. It’s not enough to just use the hashtag on your post. You have to increase its visibility. If you have a large friend circle, ask them to use it. If you have a job that involves handing out fliers, printing receipts, publicize the hashtag on to it. Do anything to make sure your hashtag is out there. Add it to your Facebook, your Snapchat, if you have a blog, your e-mailing list. It’s going to take some effort.

3. Work Your Bio

As you know, you can provide a link in the Bio to guide people to Your YouTube channel or your Blog or whatever you want to link it to. Make your Bio Interesting. You really have to wrangle something fun out form your brain. Also, keep changing the bio to guide it to your newest content.

4. Caption It!

instagram following

It’s not enough that your Insta photo is the bomb. You have to write a great caption so that people will want to read it. Tell a story. Make it interesting to the reader. You have to create a voice for what you’re trying to show your followers. For instance, go to Cole Sprouse’s Camera Duels page (Click here), and you’ll find insanely descriptive captions annihilating those form the public who try to take secret pictures fo him. It’s helluva witty and funny and you won’t be able to stop reading.

5. Influencer Marketing

turn on post notifications

Find the Influencers you follow. Then Turn on Post Notifications for them. Every time they post, make sure you like it, comment on it so that they eventually begin to notice you. You could end up becoming one of their favourite people, or one of the brands that they would like to follow too. In addition to this, you can also pay this particular influencer to use your products or advertise your page.

6. Adjust Your Tagged Photos

Now, if someone posts a picture of you which is not in tune with your Instagram aesthetic, it could potentially mar all that you’ve been trying to do. So make sure you check carefully what photos of you appear and remove the tags to those pictures you believe don’t contribute to your aesthetic. It’s all about building a brand.

7. Consistency

When you stary off your Instagram profile, make sure you are regular with your photos. Try to maintain a schedule so that you post regularly. It helps with your visibility. It just won’t do for you to post once in a blue moon. You have to keep at it to keep your followers interested.

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