Netflix Shows That Should Be On Your Must Watch List

What Netflix Shows Should You Be Watching?

Netflix offers you such a plethora of shows to watch that you’re often at a loss at what you should actually see. Often you find yourself watching some Netflix shows that aren’t really up your alley and then you have to go back to that painstaking search. But there are always some shows that you need on your Must Watch List. That isn’t like your Garden Variety Suits or House Of Cards. Innovative Content on Netflix is all around and here are some Netflix Shows that you need to watch, just so you can explore your tastebuds more:


narcos netflix shows

If you still haven’t seen Narcos and you’re in two minds about it, don’t be. If Breaking Bad was up your alley, Narcos will definitely be an extremely satisfying watch. Drugs, women, crime, politics, it has it all. The first two seasons revolve around the rise and fall of the most powerful Drug Lord the world has ever seen, Pablo Escobar. The third season looks at Pablo’s rivals, the Cali Cartel and the games they played and how they differed from Escobar.

The plot is riveting, but the show is mostly in Spanish. Don’t worry, there are subtitles. And there are American DEA agents with the occasional commentary in English. Narcos is a journey and you know who the villain is, and who the good guys are. But it’s not always easy to pick sides. Also, Season 4 is releasing soon. So binge watch the first three seasons so you can settle down with the fourth one as soon as it releases.

Click Here: To watch the S01 trailer for Narcos.

Click Here: To watch the S04 tease of Narcos.


Money Heist Netflix Shows

If you’re a fan of the Ocean’s Franchise, Money Heist was custom made for you. This is also a Spanish show, but with English subtitles. But, you’ll have no difficulty understanding the emotions behind it. As the title suggests, it’s a heist, planned by an enigmatic man named the Professor. What’s fascinating is that he has spent ten years planning the perfect heist, with attention to the tiniest details and backup plans for any mistakes that his crew makes. But there’s no hell like the present and the Professor finds himself in more jams than he bargained for. So, is the heist successful? Find Out! This needs to be on your list of Netflix shows you must watch. It’s one of the best binge experiences you can have!

Click Here: To watch the trailer for Money Heist


Good Girls

Christina Hendricks is the star of this particular show. The premise is simple. Three seemingly ordinary women find themselves drawn into a world of crime because of financial difficulties. Even after clawing themselves out of the hole, they find themselves drawn to a life as gangsters. How successful will they be? Can they operate without casualties? The best part about the show is the endless surprises that it has tucked in. You watch every episode expecting something but every single time you end up getting surprised; your calculations are way off. And that’s why you have to watch the next episode; to find out if you were right. And you’ll find that you’re wrong each time!

It’s an unlikely binge, and you might be disinclined in the beginning, but give the Mad Men star a chance. She won’t disappoint. And you’ll be glad to have this on our list of Netflix Shows you have binge-watched.

Click Here: To watch the trailer for Good Girls


altered carbon

It’s a sci-fi show based in the future. What more do you need? In the time that Altered Carbon takes place in, a person’s memory is not part of his brain but can actually be stored in a device called the cortical stack.  And this show also has the traditional format of a crime drama; find the killer. A futuristic sci-fi tinder crime thriller. There aren’t any more punches that this show can pack!

Click Here: To watch the trailer for Altered Carbon


sacred games

Sacred Games is the Tv show that everyone is talking about. Starring Saif Ali Khan, Nawazudin Siddiqui and Radhika Apte, it’s a combination of Game of Thrones and Narcos. A Cop versus a Gangster; 25 days to save Mumbai; and an intricate plot that needs to be traced to its roots to find all the players in the game. It’s intelligent, it’s earthy and it’s fascinating. If Scared Games wasn’t on your list, it needs to be.

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Click Here: If you need more motivation to watch Sacred Games

These five shows are for all you binge watchers out there. They need to be on your list. You won’t be disappointed.

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