Pre-Workout: What You Should Be Eating Before You Hit The Gym!

The best Pre-Workout Snacks for you!

Now, if you’re new to working out, the first thing you need to know is that you shouldn’t be working out on an empty stomach. You need some immediate energy to sustain you through an intense workout. So don’t skip on these pre-workout snacks if you want to complete your gym session!


Bananas are an excellent pre-workout snack, especially if you hit the gym in the morning. It provides you carbs that fuel you through the duration of the workout. The potassium in the banana will also help in keeping your nerve and muscle functioning during and after your workout. It’s the easiest workout snack there is because it involves no prep time and you can even eat it on the go!



Coffee is a great snack to have before you go to the gym. The best part about the caffeine is that makes your body burn fat instead of the glycogen, thereby contributing to your weight loss. And it also works wonders for your metabolism. So, if you don’t have a medical issue with the caffeine, go for it. But not those Starbucks coffees that are laden with fat. Nope. You have to go for good old plain black coffee I’m afraid!


If you are really running out of time and you don’t have any bananas around, dry fruits are an excellent pre-workout snack. So dry fruits provide you with the crabs that you need to start your workout in a great manner. It won’t make you feel bloated because it’s light on the stomach. So if you aren’t a coffee person or a banana person, this is a good enough alternative.


No, it’s not an excuse to gorge on some nice white bread. What you have to purchase is whole grain bread. It’s rich in fiber so it releases energy bit by bit, providing you with a constant flow of energy for your workout! And if you are into your bodybuilding, add some peanut butter to it.


fruit smoothie pre-workout

Now if you’re one of those people who doesn’t fancy a bite before hitting the gym, try some pre-workout smoothies. With the right ingredients, that smoothie could be the tastiest and healthiest snack you could have all day. It’ll provide you with your protein and energy requirements for that optimal workout. Here are some healthy smoothies you could try.

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