The Types of Shoes That Every Man Needs In His Life!

Are Shoes an Accessory for Men? Most Definitely!

Now, unlike women, men don’t have such a variety of options with which they can accessorize their outfits. But what they both have are the shoes. If you haven’t been investing in shoes because you think it’s part of a woman’s lookbook, you are wrong! A shoe says volumes about the man who is wearing them. People will judge you based on what you wear, especially your footwear. So, it’s time to begin investing in some pairs of shoes that your outfit will be incomplete without!



Loafers are a man’s best friend. It’s cool, it’s hip, it can be casual, it can be formal. It goes with almost every outfit you can have in your wardrobe, whether it’s that white shirt and chinos or that casual Tee and shorts. It’s versatile and trendy and a must have in your shoe collection!

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Whether it’s for your Job Interview or for your friend’s wedding, your grandma’s funeral or your meeting as CEO of a company, Oxfords are essential for lending your formal outfit that extra element of class and finesse that you need for that important occasion. They are stylish and formal, business as well as fashionable.

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white sneakers

White Sneakers are a classic. They go with all the casual outfits that you possess and make you look effortlessly chic every time you go out. Just make sure you clean it well after an especially dirty walk through the woods and keep your oxfords in handy for those suits because a sneaker and a suit are an ill-fated match.

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Now, this is a complete Indian outfit idea. If you’re going for the Big Fat Indian Wedding, you can’t just wear your kurta with white sneakers now, can you? That’s when the Mojaris come to play. They’re made to match your traditional outfit and give you that complete look.


sports shoes

Your wardrobe will, of course, remain incomplete without those sports shoes. Your run of the mill Nike, Adidas or Reebok is a must have for your gym session and casual outings, if you don’t want to jazz it up with your loafers that is. There is, after all, nothing more comfortable than a sports shoe, right?

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leather boots men

If you want to add that extra element of sophistication to your outfit, leather boots are the way to go. They’re classic and chic and excellent for countries with cold weather. Not to mention that they add that extra oomph factor!

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