How You Can Workout Without Weights and Still Gain Muscle

Workout Without Weights? It’s Possible And Here’s How:

All of us don’t like going to the gym or we just don’t have the time. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to be fit and gain some of that lean muscle that will give our bodies that toned look. But how do you gain some muscle without those dumbbells and barbells and whatnot? Can you workout without weights and still gain muscle?  Well, here’s some good news. If you do these following exercises at home, you should see results in a couple of months:




We all know what a squat is. There are so many types of squats that you could do. The advantage with squats is that it works out your quadriceps, calves as well as your hamstrings. It’s a great muscle builder if done regularly. If you had any doubts about squats before today, clear them away and add it to your workout routine at home!


Beginner Exercises

Planks could be the bane of your existence. It’s like hellfire in your abdomen. You hate it. Understandably so. But you have to do it. Planks target your core muscle groups as well as the glutes, making it the perfect exercise for abdominal muscle building. Like squats, there are variations you could do with the planks, so start off with the easiest and continue to the difficult ones once you have built up some stamina.


push ups


Push-ups are excellent exercises for building your chest muscles because it focuses on your shoulders, biceps, triceps and of course, your chest muscles. So, if you want that ripped upper body, include different kinds of push-ups into your daily workout routine.



Whether it’s the gym or your at home work out, you need to have a leg day. And a lot of people hate leg day for the pain that comes with it. But if you want those toned thighs and calves, you can’t avoid it. One of the best exercises to widen your thighs and get some muscle on it is lunges. Lunges target your glutes, hamstrings, and your quadriceps. It’s excellent for strength training, so get over your Monday morning blues and include lunges in your workout routine!



Burpees could possibly be crowned the king of fat burning and muscle building. They target all crucial muscle groups in your body including your calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes, abs, triceps, shoulders and chest muscles. Doing regular burpees in your workout routine and you’ll find yourself gaining muscle and getting that toned look in no time.


sit ups

Situps can be hard but they are really good for building the abdominal wall muscle. A strong core, which you will obtain by doing planks aids in making your situps even more effective. It also contributes to calorie burning so it’s an excellent dual tool for weight loss and muscle building.


dips workout without weights

If you really want to develop your upper body and build those muscles, you should consider adding dips to your daily workout routine. This workout without weights targets your shoulders, triceps, and chest. A push up also targets these muscles but dips provide a different range of motion. So try it out and see the difference.

These four different sets of exercises target your upper body, your abs as well as your lower body. If you include them in your workout routine, there’s no reason you won’t be ripped and ready to show off your toned body to the world. if you’re new to workout, check out these tips on a beginner’s workout and incorporate these muscle building exercises as you slowly gain more confidence in your body!

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